Westmoreland Care & Rehabilitation Center

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Westmoreland Care & Rehabilitation Center
1559  New Highway 52
Westmoreland, TN 37186
(615) 644-5111 (Voice)
(615) 644-3236 (Fax)


Our Management Team


Team Westmoreland giving back to the community:
The Food Bank of Westmoreland.

Westmoreland's first "Camp Signature Kickoff" with Gerald McGrath. 


Below are pictures from the First Ever Camp Signature of Westmoreland Field Trip! 






Residents enjoy greeting visitors during the day.  They soon learn where they can have a short chat with arriving visitors.  Many have come with the intent of returning home later, but have decided to remain in the center long term. Others may have stayed with us on more than one occasion.  Being located in a small community surrounded by other small communities lends an intimate feel among residents and visitors.  Family members of residents quickly become family to roommates as well.

   Special rehabilitation programs are developed by licensed therapists for residents who are recovering from accidents or illness.  Services include full-time speech, physical and occupational therapy.  Speech therapy includes treatment for residents with swallowing difficulty, problems with adequate meal intake, as well as cognitive situations that interfere with nutrition.  Each program is designed to assist the resident in regaining their highest level of independence.  Discharges to home or a lower level of care are a frequent occurrence.  A fully equipped gym and treatment room provide distinct areas for these services.





Residents and their guests enjoy overlooking the countryside and eating in a large dining room in which meals are served restaurant-style.  Resident preferences are taken into consideration by the dietary manager in preparing each resident meal.  Therapeutic meals are served with recognition of the residents' medical restrictions.  Those who require special assistance may be served in the Restorative Dining Room with consideration to the particular limitations of the resident.




Specially designed activities programs keep the residents occupied with events that are planned by a professional activities coordinator.  These include games that challenge the physical capabilities as well as offer mental stimulation.  For those who are confined to their room by preference or physical condition, in-room activities are planned.  Supplementing the facility activity program is a roster of dedicated volunteers who fulfill additional spiritual, musical and companionship needs.  Most activity events take place in the activity room which has been designed to bring out memories of childhood sports and recreational activities.  The room alone stimulates conversation among residents.  The photo on the left below is the new spa and sensory room.



Staff and residents develop close relationships.  Residents are encouraged to become involved in all aspects of daily routines of the facility.  Those who remain in the facility for long-term stays become a member of a large extended family.


Westmoreland Care and Rehabilitation Center, located in this quiet community of Sumner County, has continued to score high with residents, family members, and the surrounding medical providers, including hospitals and physicians.  A glance through the survey history of the facility is proof that this facility is dedicated to the care of the elderly and convalescent.  The high marks earned are proof that the employees are willing to work hard to achieve and maintain their own high standards.

    Westmoreland Care and Rehabilitation Center accepts Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, and Private Pay Applications.  Skilled- and intermediate- care levels are offered.  Physicians' orders are required for admission.  Although most admissions come directly from the hospital, placement from home may be available.

    For further information, please call the Admissions Coordinator at (615) 644-5111 to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and to tour the facility.

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Westmoreland Care & Rehabilitation Center
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