Westmoreland spans two counties, Sumner County and Macon County.  Information on schools in both counties is contained on this page.  The map below is a Sumner County map.  If you have a Westmoreland address, and you live west of U.S. 31E, you are in Sumner County.  If you have a Westmoreland address, and you live on the east side of U.S. 31E, you could live in Sumner County or Macon County.  (Macon County is off the map to the right.  The border is the dark blue line.)

Not sure what county you're in?  We suggest you start with the Sumner County Pupil Transportation's online address lookup.  Just type in your street address, ZIP Code and you child's grade.  If you have entered a valid Sumner County address, the program will find what school your child attends and what bus he/she should ride. 




Sumner County Schools

Sumner County Schools Web Site

Interactive Map of Sumner County Schools
Please click on the image above to explore a map of Sumner County Schools.  Find addresses, links to web sites, and custom driving directions to any school.



What bus does my child ride?
What school district is my house in?
Find out answers to these questions here:

Pupil Transportation Web Site:



Westmoreland Elementary School
3012 Thompson Lane
P.O. Box 9
Westmoreland, TN 37186
(615) 644-4782 (Voice)
(615) 644-3924 (Fax)
Official Web Site:
Westmoreland Middle School
2116 Old Highway 31-E
Westmoreland, TN 37186
(615) 644-4793 (Voice)
(615) 644-5584 (Fax)
Official Web Site:
Westmoreland High School
4128 Hawkins Drive
Westmoreland, TN 37186
(615) 644-4798 (Voice)
(615) 644-3395 (Fax)
Official Web Site:



Macon County Schools

Some addresses in Westmoreland are served by Macon County Schools.  Please visit the Macon County Schools web site for a complete list of schools.



Donors Choose is a national, non-profit organization designed to help teachers get needed supplies for their classrooms.  Teachers submit proposals to Donors Choose, and Donors Choose reviews the requests and places them on their web site.  At this point, any individual in the world can search the database for proposals they would like to fund in whole or in part.

Once the project is fully funded, Donors Choose ships the requested supplies directly to the teacher.  The teacher sends a thank-you letter [through Donors Choose] to the donor who completed the funding on his/her proposal.  In addition, the teacher sends thank-you letters from each student along with photos of the class using the donated supplies.

It's actually quite fun to see how this works!

Donors Choose has just opened their program to teachers in Tennessee.  We encourage teachers in Westmoreland and surrounding areas to submit proposals to Donors Choose!